sylvanas bow
Fortnite wild card masks
KDA Akali Dagger
Jumbo Lifeguard McCree on it's way to it's new home, and will be making it's apperance at #pax _D pu
Kayn's scythe is done! Largest prop I've ever created with full lighting effect that breaks down for
Destroyer D.Va gun finished! Now on to the 20 other projects I need to get done lol though if you wa
Also Seems one of our finished Mercy halos (modeled by _obsydiann_props) wound up on _jessicanigri H
Hope _darshelle_stevens likes her halo _D modeled by _obsydiann_props and available at_ habiteerWork
Turned a rough sketch into a fully finished 1 off piece
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ELEGOO Saturn MSLA 4K Monochrome LCD Resin 3D Printer

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Product Details

Ready for large affordable Resin 3d printing!

Parameters and Specification:
System: EL3D-3.0.1
Operation: 3.5 Inch Touch Screen
Slicer Software: Chitubox
Connectivity: USB
Technology: LCD UV Photocuring
Lightsource: UV Integrated LED lights (wavelength 405nm)
XY Resolution: 0.05mm(3840×2400)
Z Axis Accuracy: 0.00125mm
Layer Thickness: 0.01-0.15mm
Printing Speed: 30mm/h
Power Requirements: 100-220V 24V4A 96W

Printer Dimensions: 11.02in (L) * 9.44in (W) * 17.55in (H) 28cm(L) * 24cm (W) * 44.6cm (H)
Build Volume: 7.55in (L) * 4.72in (W) * 7.87in (H) 192mm (L) * 120mm (W) * 200mm (H)
Weight: 29.76 Lbs (13.5 Kg)

Finish Kit includes:
Saturn 3D Printer * 1
Build Platform * 1
Resin Tank * 1
U Disk * 1
Mask * 2
Gloves * 3
Metal Scraper * 1
Plastic Scraper * 1
User Instruction * 1
Funnel * 10
Measuring Cup * 1
Backup Screws * 1
Adapter 120W * 1
Tool Kit*1
Leveling Paper*1

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